QUE LES digo?
What do I tell you?


Zinniah was always drawn to the increase in human potential stimulated through ways of her craft. Determined to be an agent of [beauty] empowerment, she went on to graduate high school with her cosmetology license. Subsequently, studied Business and Economics at NYU and the University of Hawai'i to support her beauty studio endeavors. 


As a  teenager, she quickly made a name for herself in reality television hair and makeup application. Also, amongst her clients as a talented professional, and versatile beauty expert. One who can evoke beauty skin-deep while creating glamorous Hollywood glam and soft, barely-there beauty.

Zinniah has worked with world renowned artists and curators like Ruska Bergman, Nick Kyrgios, and Fatima Pateck, with her work gracing the cover of Summit Magazine and a number of music videos including Monkey Dope and Warner Brother Productions. She continues to freelance as an artist, manage her beauty studio, and direct her nonprofit, The Zinniah Foundation.